About Milestones Advice and Support Service


Milestones does not simply offer an Assessment service. We also offer Advice and Support. The main function of this Service is to assist those with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or related disorders and their families and carers to cope with the difficulties that arise from day to day.

Although our Advice and Support often follows on from an assessment, it is available regardless of whether any assessment or diagnosis has been carried out. If you are having any difficulties coping with ASC or another disorder the Advice and Support Service is designed to help you.


How The Advice and Support Service Works

Milestones has a range of means whereby you can ask for advice or support or ask questions. They are as follows:

1) Open-to-all free e-mail service

Do you have worries concerning whether you or your child may be on the Autism Spectrum or be suffering from a behavioural, psychological or developmental disorder?

Or are you experiencing difficulties for yourself, or as a parent, carer or family in simply coping with everyday life when there is a behavioural issue involved?

Then you can e-mail Milestones for advice and/or support. We would not be able to give you any firm diagnostic confirmation in this regard but we are willing to enter into a dialogue via e-mail by which we are able to give advice, act as a ‘sounding board’ or suggest where you may seek practical help.

Go to our Contact Us Page to get in touch with us.

2) Post-Assessment Advice and Support

You may already have had a positive assessment for ASC and/or a behavioural or developmental disorder from Milestones or from another organisation, but you may very well need some sympathetic help and support, especially in the time after assessment. Then feel free to e-mail us without charge for advice, support, to ask questions, or (and we really encourage this) to keep us up-to-date on how you are getting on.

Go to our Contact Us Page to get in touch with us.

Milestones never charges for either receiving or sending e-mails of any kind.

3). Online Advice and Support

You may prefer, or it may seem sensible, to have a face-to-face discussion about your concerns and how best to deal with them. Then, if you contact us, we can arrange a Zoom meeting. Sometimes, especially with young people, a series of meetings is required. Milestones does have to charge for these meetings, although there are discretionary discounts available if it is thought best to have more than three such meetings.

But the Milestones policy of making everything we do affordable also applies to these meetings.

Please see the Fees and Payment Page

We regret that if you do not already have a positive assessment or diagnosis for a developmental or behavioural disorder, we are unable to give any opinion on whatever disorder or otherwise may be causing the difficulty through the Advice and Support Service. This can only be determined by a proper, expert assessment. Milestones, of course, specialises in these.

You can find out more information by clicking on our Professional Assessments Page.

4) Professional and Advisory Letters.

Occasionally, there is a need for a letter from a professional source for such institutions as schools, employers or even the Courts to advise or explain about the impact that Autism or other disorder will be having on that person and, if required, contain strategies and advice that can be followed. Milestones can provide such a letter. We do have to make a charge for them.

Please see the Fees and Payments Page.

Milestones is also able to carry out a limited amount of counselling and therapy by arrangement.