Fees and Payment


Milestones is committed to making its service affordable to as many people as possible. To this end we keep all of our fees to a practical minimum. However, we also realise that we need to have a flexible system that works within the financial means of those we help.

Milestones operates as a service first and a business second (although not-for-profit), so we endeavour to provide the help you need without causing financial hardship.

If you find you cannot afford to pay your invoice outright then Milestones has a payment plan policy whereby you decide what payments you can afford and how often. We then start an account for you and send you an information-only invoice every time a payment is made so that you can keep up-to-date with where you are with your payments.

Please do not hesitate to contact Milestones and discuss this if you think that the fees as listed may be beyond your means.


Professional Assessments:

The fee for the Assessment is £250.

Advice and Support Services

Most advice and support we offer is by email or Zoom meeting both of which are free.

We also offer short-term counselling or therapy by Zoom. This is normally spread over a maximum of six sessions. The fee per session in £45.

You will only be invoiced for the number of sessions that have taken place.

The fee is a flat rate, strictly per meeting; there is no hourly rate. The length of the sessions may vary and sometimes take up to two hours or more.


Professional Advisory and Support Letters

There is a fee per letter of £40.

Autism Awareness Training

A 3-hour training session is £350.

All of the fees include expenses: writing reports, administration, postage, etc.There are no extra charges. 

There is no charge for e-mails of any kind.


An invoice for the appropriate fee will be e-mailed to you:

  • When you have received the finalised assessment report that is posted to you.
  • After the agreed number of counselling or therapy sessions.
  • When the Professional Advisory or Support letter is e-mailed or posted to you.
  • After the Autism Awareness Training Session has taken place.

Please pay by bank transfer (details are on the invoice form). If there is some reason why this is not possible let us know and we will make another arrangement.