I cannot rate Milestones highly enough, for the professional service we received and for the aftercare advice service that they provide.

Francis is one the most knowledgeable and understanding professionals in his field, with the reasoning and understanding manner that comes with Milestones, it has more than helped me understand and cope with some difficult and complex behaviours surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder.

More than 12 months after meeting Francis we still use the advice service offered, and it has not gone unnoticed that emails are often answered at unsociable hours – Thank you.
R.M., Tiverton

Milestones was a great way for myself and my daughter to get the answers we needed. The whole process was pleasant and I was kept up to date the whole way through. I expected the whole experience to be tough on my anxieties but this wasn’t the case with Milestones.

Francis and his team did an amazing job and not once did I feel uneasy throughout. I have since recommended them to my friends and continue to recommend them to others.

Thank you again team.
N.P., Torquay


I cannot recommend Milestones and the swift support that we were offered by Francis highly enough. Our dyslexic son was experiencing more and more difficulties understanding the world around him and the service provided was hugely helpful. Not only was Francis able to encourage our son to talk about his difficulties (something he is ordinarily very reluctant to do) he could then provide a professional assessment that answered so many of the questions that we had relating to ASC. The open-ended support and knowledge that we can access Milestones for advice at any time is so reassuring. It was an incredibly positive experience for us all as a family.
K.S., Ashburton


Your help and support has been amazing and such a professional and friendly service. I have recommended you and your company to others too.
K.C., Torquay


Milestones has been an absolute Godsend (literally) for myself and my son. We were in a rather sticky position when we discovered Francis and he turned the whole situation around within a couple of visits. His empathy and compassion are wonderful, a soothing balm after the difficulties of dealing with other ’systems’ over the years. He quickly gained the trust of my son (not an easy thing to do!) and they formed an amazing bond of shared interests and understanding. Quite frankly, I don’t know what we would do without the help and support of Francis and Milestones and I will continue to recommend their services to anyone who can benefit from them.
J.G., Newton Abbot


My son was very young when I noticed a difference with him. At first most things were subtle but as the years went on it became very hard to parent him.

Now my son is bright and articulate, so getting someone to listen to me was driving me mad. Every professional I spoke with knocked me down. I began to think I was crazy and was imagining it all.

I happened upon Milestones whilst searching his behaviour and thought by then I had nothing to lose.

I spoke to Francis over the phone and he agreed to come out and do an assessment of my son. I wasn’t expecting much after the “help” I’d received from the NHS but I was blown away.

Francis listened to me. I mean really listened. He watched the videos I had taken and he spoke with my son. We spoke at length about every single thing that my son did which had lead me to believe there was a problem.

He didn’t diagnose there and then but said he would be in contact; but as he was leaving I asked if I was crazy (I really had begun to believe I was a neurotic mum) he looked me direct in the eye and said “No. You are certainly not crazy.” As he drove off I cried. I mean big, sobbing, messy tears. I didn’t care about a diagnosis then, I just felt so relieved.

Over the next few days we emailed back and forth and eventually I received my report. And yes I cried

I still e-mail Francis now 2 years later and I always get an in-depth reply. He explains why my son does what he does and gives ideas on how to help him.

I have sent many other parents to Milestones and each one has messaged me thanking me profusely.

Thank you Francis from the bottom of our hearts.
C.B., Tiverton